SamsungGalaxy S20+ Plus: How To Fix Authentication Error

A Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus may show an error message that says “Wifi authentication problem” whenever you attempt to connect with a WiFi network. You won’t have the ability to connect your Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus with a WiFi network if this message is displayed. You can fix the Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus authentication error by restarting your phone and entering your password.

An error message indicating that Wifi authentication failed is a warning. The error message indicates that your WiFi connection was not correctly identified due to your username or password. Wifi Authentication fails, and your smartphone can’t connect to the internet, that means that there is a problem and you need to fix it. These are all possible ways to fix Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus authentication problems.

Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus Authentication Error

Some have suggested that you can fix the Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus authentication error by turning off Bluetooth when WAP enabled. This should resolve the Bluetooth/WiFi interaction problem. This should solve the Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus authentication error problem.

Reboot Wireless Router

If these solutions fail to work, the problem may be with the router/modem. Another option is to try to resolve the Wi-Fi problem by contacting the router or modem. Galaxy S20+ Plus authentication error could be caused by other smartphones. To fix this issue, reboot your router or modem.

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