Samsung Galaxy S20: How To Factory Reset

Sometimes, if your Galaxy S20 is experiencing problems, it is best to factory reset it. Another great reason to factory-reset a Galaxy S20 Galaxy S20, is to get a new start on your smartphone. No matter the reason for factory-resetting a Galaxy S20, we will teach you how.

To avoid data loss, it’s important to back up your files and information before you factory reset your Galaxy S20. You can back up data on the Galaxy S20 by going to Setting > Backup & Set. Backup apps and services can be used for the rest.

How to factory reset a Galaxy S20 working phone

Go to the Galaxy S20 notification section and select the gear symbol to bring up Setting. Next, select Backup to reset . You will need to ensure that all data is backed up before you can select Reset device. Next, choose . After that, wait for the process finish and your phone will reboot.

How to factory reset Galaxy S20 with Hardware keys

If the touchscreen becomes unresponsive or there is a problem accessing the menu or you forget your pattern lock, then you will be able to factory reset the S20 using the hardware key.

  • Turn off Galaxy S20
  • You will see the Android icon when you press the Volume upbutton while simultaneously holding the Homebutton along with the Powerbutton.
  • Select the Volume upoption to wipe data/factory restore option. Then, press the power button.
  • You can delete all user data by pressing Power.
  • After the Galaxy S20 has restarted, use the Powerbutton for it to be selected.
  • All data will be erased when the Galaxy S20 reboots.

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