Replacing Oakley Screws: How to Do It Properly?

Oakley was the first to manufacture motocross handgrips. These were not your ordinary handgrips. They were made of unobtainium rubber. This made the handles more stable and helped to create the modern motorcycle handle. Oakley began making O-frames, their first motocross goggles, five years after the introduction of its revolutionary product.

They were a huge success because they offered a broad field of vision and were very popular. Oakley launched their first ski goggles in 1983. The iconic Frogskins followed them in 1985. These were Oakley’s first ever sunglasses that could be used as a lifestyle accessory. Oakley glasses have been replaced easily by many other models over the years.

Types Of Oakley Lenses


Oakley’s clear lenses are UV-protected. However, tinted lenses can be replaced with your existing pair. These lenses are the most economical, but they also provide great contrast and sun protection.


They are great for blocking the sun’s rays because they darken in sunlight. They won’t darken if you drive on sunny days because the windshield blocks the UV light.


Polarised lenses can be used to reduce glare. The lenses are coated with a film that allows light to pass only in straight lines. You won’t see any reflections when driving on wet roads. Instead, you will see the road clearly. This is true for all types of reflections.

Iridium Coatings

These coatings can be infused into the lens to enhance different colours and give you sharper vision in certain situations. These coatings all have a reflective effect and some are fashion statements, while others can be used to enhance certain aspects of sports like snowboarding and fishing.

It’s time to find the right replacement Oakley screws

To determine the correct size Oakley screws, you will need to look inside the arm. This is the place where you will find the sunglasses name. The other information can be found further down in the temple arm. It can be a bit confusing. The NN-NNNN format was used on older Oakley models. The Oakley logo is shown with two numbers beside it. One in front, and one after. The first is the eye size, the second is the bridge size.

Oakley’s newer sunglasses come in a OONNNN and OXNNNN formats, with the brand name at the beginning (OO/ OX). You will only need the model numbers to locate matching Oakley replacement lenses. The colour code is the number after the dash. It is not part of the model numbers. This section also includes the eye and temple size, as well as the length of the temple. Some models only include the temple size.

Are there prescription lenses available for Oakley sunglasses?

Oakley’s PRIZM lens technology allows you to get prescription lenses for your Oakley sunglasses. Oakley has patented this technology, which allows for contrast-enhancing lenses that can be used for sporting activities as well as everyday use to see fine details.

How to Remove Oakley Lenses

To remove flak jacket Oakley clear lens, you need to place your index finger in the nose bridge. The thumb should be on the top of the frame. Holding the lens in your other hand, flex the nose bridge towards yourself and push the top of frame down simultaneously. The lens can be pulled out using the opposite hand.

Fast jacket lenses can be pushed down near the left temple. Next, hold the lens between your thumbs and index fingers and slide it out of its grove. Start with the closest side of the switch when removing the lens. Half jacket Oakley lenses can easily be removed by grasping the frame temple with one and the lens with another. Simply pull the lens tab from the frame temple.

You can remove all M frame Oakley lenses by grasping the centre of the frame, then pulling the lens from the middle. To lift the lens from the frame, squeeze the center of the frame.

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