Most Common Bathtub Issues Solved

It can be difficult to determine if your bathtub is in good condition. This is especially true for those who have a combination shower/tub. This system can be more difficult to clean and can cause problems in certain cases. The bathtub can be more complicated if you’ve spent money on a luxury jetted tub. We will be discussing three common problems with bathtubs and providing more information. 

A Brief Home Plumbing Primer 

It’s useful to see your home plumbing as a root-like structure when you think about it. These roots are interconnected and water flows along the channels when it is poured into your drain. Each section of your plumbing system connects with a larger drainage system outside your house, and then into your neighborhood. Your home’s roots collect wastewater and transport it away to the sewer system or city septic tanks. A clog could form in any drain from one source or several. Maybe hair got in the bathroom drain, or grease got into your kitchen sink. These materials can build up in your plumbing root structure and create a huge clog. You can pour anything in your kitchen sink to clog your bathroom drain. In other cases, however, the problem may be less obvious. The problem may be in the bathroom pipes if you notice water backing up in your bathtub. It can be a problem because the water has already passed through the drain. This makes it smell bad and make it look dirty. It can’t drain away if the drain is blocked and water is added to it.

The Tub Will not Drain

It is possible that your tub is not draining properly or draining slowly. It could be caused by hair, soap scum and other materials that have built up over time. The dirt and grime can clog the drain, making it worse. Preventing a problem is better than treating it. A hair trap can be used to capture hair and prevent it from entering the drain. Regular cleaning can also help to avoid bathroom drain clogs.

The Stopper is Dirty?

It can be difficult to clean a tub. Some people forget to check the tub stopper. It is a very hardworking plumbing fixture that can quickly get dirty. The stopper can get stuck and should be cleaned every 2-3 days. The stopper can become stuck and cause water to flow problems. A stuck stopper can be caused by hair clumps or soap scum. You can manually remove the stopper by spraying vinegar on the affected area, and then let it sit for 30 minutes before cleaning it.

Persistent Clog

A persistent clog is one of the most frustrating clogging problems for a standard or jetted tub. It could be that you tried to get rid of it by hand or using a drain cleaning product. But it always returns. First, you should not use caustic chemicals to clean your drains. This can cause damage to the pipes. It is best to try a manual clog elimination using a snake or plumbing augur. Sometimes, a large object, such as a razor blade or a cap, may have fallen into the drain. You may be able remove it using tweezers. In other cases, however, the persistent clog might be deeper in the drain and cannot be reached without professional assistance. If a drain clog is recurring, it may be a sign of a deeper plumbing problem. 

How to deal with drain clogs 

We have already mentioned that it is a good idea not to use chemical drain cleaners as they can only make the problem worse. A professional plumber will remove a clog manually depending on the situation. Before calling a local professional plumber, you may try these first to get your water flowing again. To check if there are hair clumps or large objects stuck in the drain, first look in the drain. You can sometimes remove hair clumps with your fingers, or a thin object like a pair of tweezers. Be careful, you don’t want to accidentally drop anything down the drain. You can also use a cup plunger if you suspect the clog is deeper in the tub drain. You can place the cup on top of the drain and gently move it down and up. The pressure in the drain pipe will be changed and the clog will likely be loosened. You can turn the tap on if you notice the water draining again. This will flush out the clog from your plumbing system. If the cup plunger doesn’t work, you can use a plumbing augur to insert into the drain. Turn the handle gently until the augur bit gets into the blockage and breaks it down. Run the tap if the drain does not stop working. This will flush out the clogs from your home’s plumbing system.

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