How To Use Password Screen Lock Removal On Galaxy S20+ Plus

There are many methods to get rid password screen lock removal from Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ Plus. These two methods don’t require that your Galaxy S20+ Plus be reset back to factory settings.

However, the factory erase will wipe all data and bypass the lock on the Galaxy S20+ Plus. Below is a guide to how to bypass the password screen lock on a Galaxy S20+ Plus.

Factory Reset Device

If these methods fail to remove the Galaxy S20+ Plus password screen, the next step is to perform a factory-reset on your smartphone. Once a factory reset has been completed, all personal information on the phone will be removed and the phone will return to its original settings.

Use GoogleAccount Manager

To do this, connect to the Internet and sign into your Google account associated with the Galaxy S20+ Plus. For this method to work, the device must be connected with a WiFi network you’ve used before.

Please enter the Backup pin

For those who have an existing “Backup PIN”, type it into the phone to bypass the screen lock.

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