How to Screen Capture Galaxy S20+ Plus (Screenshot trick)

To capture a screen on the Galaxy S20+ Plus, it is easy to do the same thing as with previous Galaxy smartphones. The screen capture saves an image that is currently displayed on your Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus. Screen printing is sometimes also called hard copy or screen printing. The following will show you how to take screen shots on a Samsung Galaxy S20 or S20+ Plus.

Take a screen shot on Galaxy S20+ Plus

Galaxy S20+ Plus screen shots are easy and straightforward to take. You just need to press the power button and the home button simultaneously to capture a Galaxy screen. After taking the screenshot, you’ll receive a dropdown notification that will allow you access to your Samsung Galaxy S20 Screen Capture.

Take an image on the Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus. Swipe to the screen

Swiping the screen to capture screen on Galaxy S20+ Plus is another method. This gesture must be enabled in Android. To enable this feature on your Samsung Galaxy S20, navigate to the settings. Click on the settings to enable motion and gestures. Next, tap “Palm swipe and capture”. The controller can be activated to activate this function.

There are two ways you can capture the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S20. This handy feature is one you will use more often on your Samsung Galaxy S20.

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