How To Safely Start Galaxy S20+ Plus

If you want to learn how to get your Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus to Safe Mode, there are two ways you can do it. When you need to troubleshoot issues with specific apps, such as apps that freeze, reset or slow down your phone, you will want to turn on safe mode. Safe Mode will turn off all third-party apps and services until the Galaxy S20+ Plus has exited Safe Mode. Here’s a guide to help you start your Galaxy S20+ Plus in Safe Mode.

Boot Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus in Safe Mode Method 1:

  • Turn off the Galaxy S20+ Plus
  • Keep pressing and holding the Power/Lock button simultaneously until the “Galaxy S20” logo appears.
  • Once the logo appears, hold down the Volume Down and release the Power buttons simultaneously.
  • Hold the Volume Down button until your phone reboots.
  • If the file was successfully loaded, the “Safe Mode” icon will be displayed in the bottom left corner.
  • Don’t press the Volume Down key
  • To exit “Safe Mode”, press and hold the Power/Lock key, then touch Restart.

Boot Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus in Safe Mod Method 2:

  • Turn off the Galaxy S20+ Plus
  • Once the Galaxy S20+ Plus is off, turn it “ON”.
  • Keep the Galaxy S20+ Plus booting while you hold down the home button
  • You’ll find safe mode in the lower left corner.

You should be able to enter safe mode on your Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ Plus by following the instructions. This guide will help you to set up safe mode on your Galaxy S20+ Plus when you have trouble with apps or want to fix problems that are related to them.

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