How To Reset Password After Locked Out For Galaxy S20+ Plus

It is quite common to forget your password on a Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ Plus. A hard factory restore is required to reset your password on the Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S20+ Plus. This can wipe out all of your data. There are many ways to reset the Galaxy S20 password if you don’t have backups of your Samsung Galaxy. Following is a guide to help you reset the lock screen password for the Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S20+ Plus if you get locked out.

Factory reset Password for Resetting Password

  • Turn off Galaxy S20+ Plus
  • You will see the Android icon when you press the Volume up button as well as the Home button and the Power button simultaneously.
  • You can select it by pressing the Power or Volume down option.
  • You can delete all user data by pressing Power.
  • After the Galaxy S20+ Plus has restarted, use the Power button for it to be selected.
  • All data will be erased when the Galaxy S20+ Plus reboots.

This guide will help you learn another method to factory restart the Galaxy. You should make sure that all files are backed up before you attempt to factory reset the Galaxy S20+ Plus.

Reset Password with Samsung Find My Mobile

Another option is Samsung’s Find My Mobile(Find My Android) which is very similar to Find My iPhone. The “Remote Controls”, a feature found on your Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus, will temporarily reset the password. It will also allow you bypass the lock screen on Galaxy S20+ Plus. Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus registration is recommended.

  • Register the Galaxy S20+ Plus at Samsung
  • Temporary password reset can be done using the Find My Mobile app
  • The new temporary password will allow you to bypass the lock screen
  • Set a new password

Password Recovery with Android Device Manager

You can reset the password for both the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ Plus by first registering your Galaxy S20 via Android Device Manage. All you have to do to reset the password on Android Device Manger is to activate the Lock feature. When you have forgotten your password on the Galaxy S20+ Plus, you can use Android Device Manger’s “Lock”. Follow the below instructions:

  • Go to the Device Manager from your computer
  • You can find your Galaxy S20, or Galaxy S20+ Plus, on the screen
  • Enable “Lock & Erase” feature
  • Continue to the next page for instructions on how to lock your device.
  • You can set a temporary password
  • Enter the temporary password
  • Make a new password

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