How To Insert SIM Card Galaxy S20+ Plus – Guide

To make your Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus work, you will need to know how to insert a SIM card from your wireless provider. The Galaxy S20+ Plus does not accept a Nano SIM card. There are three SIM card types available on the market. Unfortunately, these are not compatible. We will show you how to insert SIM cards on Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus.

How can I insert a SIM card on Galaxy S20+ Plus

  • You can loosen the SIM card tray by inserting the ejection key into the hole.
  • After that, take the SIM card tray out of the SIM card tray slot.
  • Next, place your SIM Card on the SIM Card Tray. You should ensure that the contacts with gold colours are facing downwards.
  • Finally, put the SIM-card tray back in its slot.

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