How To Fix Galaxy S20+ Plus IMEI Problem

One common problem with the Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus is that the IMEI stops working and must be fixed. The Galaxy S20+ Plus IMI # Issue also faces the same issue as other Galaxy phones.

Many Galaxy S20+ Plus owners are facing problems that prohibit them from using services like Mobile Data, SMS, Calls, or SMS. Although the Galaxy S20 has been a great success, we will help you Repair Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus. Below is a guide that will help you fix the IMEI numbers problem on your Samsung Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S20+ Plus.

Fix Unupdated firmware

  • Turn on Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus
  • Start by going to the main screen and then go to “Apps”.
  • Select “Settings”
  • Select “About Device.”
  • Select the “Software Updates” option
  • When the popup message appears select “Download”.
  • Wait until your download is complete

Restore and Repair null IMEI

  • Turn on Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus
  • Enable the USB Debugging Mode and log in
  • Next, connect your Samsung Galaxy S20 device to the computer
  • Download the EFS Restorer Express
  • Open the app and run the EFS.BACK.BAT command.
  • Select one method to restore EFS via Odin

You should be able to fix the Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus issue with IMEI #. If the issue persists, check this IMEI number checking. This will ensure there are no serious issues.

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