How To Fix Galaxy S20 And Galaxy S20+ Plus Charging Problem

Although most Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone problems are solved, there have been some reports of Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphones not charging properly. Some Galaxy S20 owners thought the USB cable was a problem. We’re going to show you how to quickly fix the problem with your Samsung Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S20+ Plus not charging when the device is plugged in.

There are several other causes that the Galaxy S20’s charger may not be working.

  • Device or battery connectors that have been damaged, bent or pushed in.
  • Phone is damaged
  • Batteries damaged
  • Faulty charging unit or cable
  • Temporary problem with your phone.
  • Phone is damaged

Changing cables

Checking the charging cable first is the best way to determine if the Samsung Galaxy S20 isn’t charging correctly. Sometimes, the charging cables may be damaged or not working properly to charge the Galaxy S20. You can test the problem by switching out the damaged cable with a different USB cable. Try switching out the USB cable that charges your Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ Plus with another one.

Reset Samsung Galaxy S20

Sometimes the Galaxy S20 will not charge when plugged-in. This could be because the software needs to reboot. This may only temporarily fix the issue, but it will resolve the Galaxy S20’s charging issues. You can view the guide .

Clean USB port

Another reason the Samsung Galaxy S20 won’t charge via usb? It could be something blocking the connection. It could be dust, dirt, or even lint that is preventing the connection. You can fix this problem by inserting a small needle, or paper click, and moving it around in your USB charging port. This is usually the problem when the Galaxy S20 doesn’t charge properly. You should take care not to damage the USB port and wash it gently.

Get Help from an Authorized Technician

If none of the methods above work to fix the Samsung Galaxy S20 charging problems, another option is to take your smartphone in and have it examined by a Samsung technician. They may be able to replace the phone if it is damaged or in need of repair.

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