How To Delete Apps From Galaxy S20+ Plus

Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus owners may want to know how they can delete and uninstall certain apps. These apps take up space, reduce the number of images, videos and music on your Galaxy S20+ Plus.

If you choose to remove apps from the Galaxy S20+ Plus, this will create more space. Additionally, your smartphone will run faster and have longer battery life. This method is also available to increase the storage on the Galaxy S20+ Plus. These are the instructions for how to delete any apps on Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S20+ Plus.

How can you delete apps on your Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus

  • Turn on Galaxy S20+.
  • Select Apps from the bottom menu.
  • Next, select the app to be deleted and tap on it. Once you’ve selected an app, a grid will shrink around it and a bar with options will appear at the top.
  • Drag it over the Uninstall button at its top and release.
  • To delete and confirm the app, click Uninstall.

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