How To Close And Change Apps on Galaxy S20+ Plus

Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus owners who are just starting to use the Android operating systems may be interested in how to close and switch applications. Samsung has simplified how you can close and change apps. It’s now easier to go from one app on the Galaxy S20+ Plus to the next.

Use the new soft keys on the Galaxy S20+ Plus to switch between Twitter, Facebook, or to see all your open apps, This guide will show you how to switch between apps on Galaxy S20+ Plus.

Close and Modify Apps:

  • Turn on Galaxy S20+ Plus.
  • Tap the soft key located below the screen.
  • Select the app that you like from the list.
  • You can toggle between closing an application to the left and right to stop it from being used.

On the Galaxy S20+ Plus you will see the memory used by each open app. This screen will show you which apps are using too much memory. Close all open apps by tapping the buttons to your right and left.

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