How To Clear Cache From Galaxy S20 And Galaxy S20+

Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus owners can resolve many Android problems using two different troubleshooting methods that take only minutes. Perform a factory reset to fix any bugs and other software issues with your Galaxy S20.

When the phone experiences delays, glitches and freezes, it is a good time to clear the cache. Below is a guide to clearing the Galaxy S20’s cache.

How does the cache work?

First, it is important to understand what cache means and how to clear it from your Galaxy phone. Two types of cache exist on the Samsung Galaxy S20. The first cache is known as the app cache. The second cache is known as the system cache. All apps running on the Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S20+ Plus have their own cache. This cache lets temporary data be stored to make it easier to switch between apps. The Galaxy S20 system cache does the same, but only for each app. To fix issues such as apps freezing or crashes, clear the system cache wipe.

How can I clear the app-cache on the Galaxy S20

It’s best to clear the app cache for problems that only occur on one app. These are the instructions to clear your app cache

  • Turn on the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ Plus
  • Navigate to Settings > App Manager
  • Choose the app that you would like to clear the cache
  • After selecting the app, click on the app info screen
  • Clear Cache
  • To delete all cached apps from your phone, go to Settings > Store
  • Select Cached Data for clearing all app caches simultaneously

Clear Data will cause all data stored in the app to be lost.

What to Do if your app cache isn’t clearing

If the Galaxy S20 error persists after clearing the cache, the next option is to uninstall that app and reset the device. You should make backups of all data before you reset your Galaxy S20. If you are still experiencing problems after rebooting your Galaxy S20, then it is recommended to perform a system wipe. This is also known as clearing cache partitions on the Galaxy S20.

Clearing out the Galaxy S20 system cache:

  • Turn the Galaxy S20, or Galaxy S20+ Plus, off
  • To make the phone vibrate, press and hold simultaneously the Volume Up and Power buttons.
  • After that, you can release the Power button and keep holding the other buttons.
  • Scroll down using volume buttons to highlight the Wipe-Cache Partition
  • Use the Power button
  • Scroll down to Yes, and click on the Power button
  • Scroll to Reboot System Now. Press Power
  • A cleared system cache will enable your Galaxy S20’s reboot

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