How To Change Background On iPhone 13 And iPhone 13 Pro

An iMessage waiting to be activated problem could occur if you have an iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro. Other issues iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro owners are experiencing include not being able to activate iMessage if iMessage isn’t working.

Our guide will show you how to activate iMessage if iMessage isn’t working. However, we have found that it is difficult to help someone who asks how to activate iMessage if iMessage isn’t working.

You can find many ways to activate iMessage on the Internet. However, not all methods work. If you fail to activate iMessage, you will still have iMessage awaiting activation.

Before you Fix iMessage Issue

There are several things to consider before you attempt to activate iMessage on an iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro. You should be aware that there are possible failures in activating iMessage.

The number associated with your iPhone 13 can be viewed by clicking on the Contacts tab. You should see “My Number” next to your number. To verify, go to Settings > Phone > My Number.

You can also choose to set to “Set Automatically” which will adjust the Time Zone according to the device’s location.

It’s quite common for network errors to occur, which can sometimes cause iMessage not to work and make iMessage activation fail. You should check for Wi-fi problems that might cause iMessage activation issues.

Contact your wireless provider to verify that iMessage supports them. This will save you time if iMessage waits for activation after activation failed. Your Carrier support team can verify any restrictions on your for iMessage or blocks on text messages. If you need to activate iMessage, it is best to contact your wireless provider.

Apple ID Sign out, Sign in Sometimes you only need to sign-out from your Apple ID, then log-in

Scroll down to the bottom and choose ‘Send & Receive’ under Settings – Message

Tap on the Apple ID, then press Sign Out

Switch “Off” iMessage now

Wait for a moment (turn on/off Wi-Fi) then turn “On” iMessage.

Check Your iMessage Is Not Working

Some people have found that turning “Off” or “On” airplane mode is a good way to activate iMessages while they are waiting for activation. In one of our discussions, we found the airplane mode activation method.

Go to Settings and scroll down. Select Messages, and then turn off iMessage (or disable FaceTime).

Turn on the Airplane mode. The Airplane mode will automatically turn off the Wi-Fi.

Turn On Wifi

Head back to Messages, and turn on iMessage

If you haven’t already added your Apple ID, you’ll be asked for it.

You’ll receive a notification saying ‘Your carrier may bill for SMS’. Select “Ok”.

Reset or Restore iMessage While You Wait For Activation

If none of these methods work, and you still need to know how activate iMessage when iMessage stops working, reset your iPhone. Resetting your location settings is the first step in restoring or resetting the iPhone. Once you have reset your iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro you can login with Apple ID to set up iMessage.

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